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In Office Procedures: Gynecological Ultrasound

Gynecologic ultrasounds are useful diagnosing patients. An ultrasound is a way to view the pelvis and reproductive organs; which cannot be seen during a normal examination.

This may be performed transvaginally or abdominally depending upon the patient and their symptoms.

Ultrasound Appointments Instructions

For any GYN scan or 18-20 week OB scan, a full bladder is required to obtain the optimum results.

During the hour prior to your ultrasound appointment, drink 32 oz of fluids within 10 minutes, and do not go to the bathroom until your ultrasound is completed.

For all other OB scans (newly pregnant and fluid checks), follicular scans (fertility) and GYN vaginal probe ultrasounds DO NOT need to have a full bladder.

If you are not sure what type of ultrasound you are scheduled for, our staff would be more than happy to check with your provider and clarify what you need to do prior to the appointment.

When in doubt… Drink the fluids; it is always easier and quicker to empty your bladder than to fill it up!

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