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Surgical Procedures: Essure

The Essure procedure is a method of permanent birth control. This procedure is outpatient and is done in an office like setting without any cutting into the body and is done with local anesthesia.

Essure is similar to a tubal ligation because it blocks the fallopian tubes, but it is much less invasive because it is done through the vagina. Small “spring-like coils” are inserted into the Fallopian tubes and tissue naturally grows into the “spring-like coils” thus blocking the Fallopian tubes. This tissue growth takes three months to fully grow and block the tubes. After this three month period an Essure Confirmation Test, also known as an “HSG”, is done to insure that the tissue growth has fully blocked the tubes. The Confirmation Test is done by inserting fluid and examining its pathway with an x-ray type machine.

This procedure is not reversible, and is intended for patients that are not interested in having children in the future


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